Kylian Mbappé: « The Olympics are the DNA of sport »

On the occasion of Sport en Seine, among the prestigious guests of this first evening, Kylian Mbappé recalled to what extent the Olympic Games were an event inseparable from an athlete’s career: “The Olympic Games are really the thing I want to achieve in my career. It is the very DNA of sport, it is the event that brings together the world, passions, all people large and small. Me in 2012, I stayed late at night to watch Usain Bolt. It made me want to watch other sports, to discover all the work behind these athletes. This summer, I looked at all the medals, I followed everything. The women next to me (Sarah Léonie Cysique, twice medalist in Judo in Tokyo and Marie Patouillet double Paralympic bronze medalist in cycling in Tokyo), they have brought honor to our country, perfectly representing the values ​​of their sport. They have achieved something great.

Today, I would choose Olympic champion, I was already world champion, but we do not choose the trophies (laughs). The Olympics are different, completely different. I have not experienced it, just by watching them already … I already wanted to participate in the Olympics this summer, but it was not possible. But Paris is something special, we have an opportunity to show the world that we are sports lovers. All the emotions that these athletes have transmitted to us in the past, it marks. « 

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