Kyler Murray’s new contract mandates ‘independent study’ hours

Kyler Murray just inked a shiny $230.5 million contract extension, but he still has to do his homework.

Murray’s monstrous new deal — which the Cardinals star signed on Friday — contains a rather peculiar stipulation. Murray, 24, is obligated to complete four hours of “Independent Study” during each week of the season, including any playoff games, according to NFL Network.

“Independent Study” is defined in the contract as Murray having to study “the material provided to him by the Club in order to prepare for the Club’s next upcoming game, including without limitation any such material provided via an iPad or other electronic device.”

Mandatory meetings are not counted towards Murray’s credit hours.

The provision contains even more granular stipulations, too. Murray, for instance, will not receive credit if he is studying while engaged in an activity “that may distract his attention” during his supposed study hours; outlined activities include playing video games and watching television.

Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray’s new contract requires him to study for at least four hours a week.

Should Murray fail to comply with his obligation, it would count as a default under the contract. According to NBC Sports, such an outcome would jeopardize a portion of Murray’s $160 million in guaranteed money.

Coincidentally, in 2021, Murray told The New York Times that he tends to not watch film.

“I think I was blessed with the cognitive skills to just go out there and just see it before it happens,” Murray said. “I’m not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill himself watching film. I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much.”

Now, the two-time Pro-Bowler doesn’t have much of a choice.

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