Kyle Wright takes off

With seven quality innings against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night, Kyle Wright got the Braves back on track after a three-game losing streak and pocketed his 17th win of the season. Had it not been for this two-run homer (and this fright) conceded by Kenley Jansen with two outs in the ninth round, the evening would have been perfect.

But no matter: the victory is there and the young pitcher of the Braves sits more than ever alone at the top of the classification in the category. wins of his specialty.

Not enough for a Cy Young, but enough to talk about

Solid as a rock, Kyle Wright handcuffed the Rockies for seven innings, he gave them nothing good to hit except five unfortunate hits. Added to his record are six strikeouts and two walks.

Wright may do just fine on his own, but he thinks less as a team. He, what he wants is to throw as far as possible in a match to preserve the bull penand we all know that in baseball, team spirit is essential, even if you’re all alone on your mound or alone in your batting box when the time comes.

Now with 17 wins on the clock, Kyle Wright only sees himself hounded by Justin Verlander and Tony Gonsolin (both at 16). Wright could definitely take off since precisely these two pitchers have decided to go for a short stay on the crippled list. Cut off from probably three or four starts, Verlander and Gonsolin could lose all chances of catching the kid from Georgia by the end of the season.

And given how Wright has been pitching since the start of the season, there’s no reason he should stop on such a good path: 2.85 ERA in 25 starts and 150 K in 154.2 innings pitched. It’s not worse, right?

The Braves ahead of the Mets

Kyle Wright will undoubtedly be one of the centerpieces of the Braves’ arsenal by the end of the season and in the playoffs. With Charlie Morton, Max Fried and Spencer Strider, the Braves have a quartet of starters that seems to me far superior to that of the Mets, whose portrait is painted a little too in the direction of the hair for my taste.

Wright will certainly see his name mentioned on a few ballots during the awarding of the Cy Young trophy. It will probably not be for him this year, but the young pitcher of the Braves is building a nice reputation for the years to come.

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