Kyle Kuzma ridiculed by LaMelo Ball in 2017

A hardworking but flamboyant person, LaMelo Ball is never the last for a bit of a real troll. Poor Kyle Kuzma paid the price in 2017, even though Melo was only… 16 years old!

In terms of early fame, LaMelo Ball has little equivalent in the basketball world. The pressure, the youngest of LaVar knows it from a young age, and he lives it rather very well. A proof ? It dates back to 2017, when Melo was still in high school but his brother Lonzo had just been drafted to the Lakers, alongside a certain Kyle Kuzma.

In a video where the 3 men call each other in FaceTime, the punchlines were quickly released, in a good mood of course. And let’s be clear: at the height of his 16 years, LaMelo clearly fined Kuz …

LaMelo: « I would include you in my Kuz squad, but you’re trying to be smart to troll me on the networks »

Kuzma: “It’s called swag, man. I can send you one or two outfits if you want to fix your lack of drip « 

LaMelo: “I’m 16 and already have my signature shoe. Are you okay? « 

Kuzma: « In 3 or 4 years, when nobody knows where you are, your shoe will be with Gémo ».

LaMelo: “Oh yeah? Nan, I’m going to be so strong that there will be your mother at the edge of the field with my MB1s on her feet.

Kuzma: « Real swag is effortlessly achieved man, what’s your problem? » « 

LaMelo: « I want you to hear me correctly: I’m your favorite player’s favorite player »

Suffice to say that for a teenager, LaMelo Ball already had a sacred sense of repartee. You will of course have noticed that Kuzma’s prediction has aged rather badly: 4 years after the streak, the leader of the Hornets is a hit and won the title of rookie of the year after a promising first season in the league.

Kuz is in a perilous situation for the Lakers. The winger isn’t happy with his role in the franchise … and the franchise isn’t happy with him either. At the dawn of a summer which promises to be agitated in the city of angels following the early elimination, a trade is more relevant than ever for the only survivor of the « young core » of the Lakers of 2017.

Before coming to give a lesson to Kyle Kuzma in the NBA, LaMelo Ball had announced the color on the networks. We can not take away from Lonzo’s brother not to be cold in the eyes!

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