kyiv receives its first anti-aircraft defense system

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Ukraine received its first anti-aircraft defense system. A system delivered by Germany and which should make it possible to protect a large city against air raids. At the same time, NATO’s thirty defense ministers are meeting in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday to determine their position in the face of this new escalation between Moscow and kyiv.

This anti-aircraft defense system is only a first step, three others will be delivered in the coming months, said Christine Lambrecht, the German Minister of Defense. The Iris-T is a shield capable of providing a protective bubble within a radius of 40 kilometers, and since Monday, when a russian missile rain rained down on Ukrainian cities, these ground-to-air systems became Kyiv’s number one priority.

The United States also promises delivery

These bombings in the depths of Ukrainian territory are a real shift in Russian strategy. Moscow, by relaunching a sequence of surface-to-surface missile strikes, as had been done in the early days of the conflict, is now threatening Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure in towns far from combat zones, like Lviv to the west, relatively unscathed so far.

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kyiv would like to have real protective domes around its cities and is appealing to its allies. The United States has promised Nasam surface-to-air missile systems: two initially, then six more to come. Ukraine is also eyeing the French SAMP-T Mamba systems produced by Thalès and MBDA, but the French armies only have eight of these systems, systems which are also complex to master.

NATO defense ministers meet in Brussels

This is the first high-level meeting of the Atlantic Alliance since the new Russian strikes in the heart of Ukrainian cities: the thirty NATO Defense Ministers are meeting in Brussels this Wednesday and Thursday to determine their position in the face of this new escalation. At the center of their debates is the air protection of Ukraine, reports our correspondent in Brussels, Pierre Benazet.

The anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine is « the priority » of the thirty allies, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg just underlined on Wednesday. This is obviously the direct response to the request made on Monday morning by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The NATO Secretary General’s hope is to see other countries commit to arms supplies, even if the Atlantic Alliance is slightly behind on this issue, because it is the allied countries who must decide on their side what they have. We have seen, for example, the reinforcement of land and air resources announced by France for Romania and the Baltic countries. And the thirty allies will also discuss this Wednesday the supply of combat tanks to Ukraine to determine whether they can be considered as defensive equipment.

The other issue of the day will be the increase in the production of defense industries, because the supply of armaments to Ukraine is dangerously lowering the reserves of military equipment.

Supplying air defense systems to Ukraine is ‘the priority’: Stoltenberg

 » The Allies provided such defense systems, but the Ukrainians need more. They need different types of air defense, short-range, long-range, systems against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones. Different systems for different tasks he explained at the start of a meeting of Alliance defense ministers in Brussels.

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