Kuzma and 2 other players already re-traded?

Arriving at the Wizards this summer, Kyle Kuzma might not stay much longer. Indeed, the former Laker would be under the threat of a new exchange… and he is not the only one, since two other of his teammates are also concerned!

They wanted to contribute to a new title for the Lakers in 2020-21, but nothing went as planned. Between lack of collective chemistry and the wounds of Lebron james and Anthony davis, the trio Kyle Kuzma-Montrezl Harrell-Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could only watch helplessly at the end of the premature course of the Crimson and Gold. Worse than that, the three players have largely underperformed last year, drawing the wrath of fans.

As a result, the angelino franchise decided to go ahead, and they were not in its big plans. Instead, they were sent to Washington together in exchange for Russell westbrook. In principle, they have the opportunity to recover a lot of playing minutes in the capital, especially Kuzma and Harrell. Provided they stay …

Indeed, as the journalist Chris Crouse recalls, none of the three players is certainly part of the plans of the Wizards. The fact that they cannot be automatically traded elsewhere is the main reason they are still in DC Gold, this protection will wear off in a few days:

Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell will be redeemable from Monday, September 27.

The idea is simple: with such a package, Washington could attempt to negotiate for a big player, being able to offer several solid rotational players in return. This was particularly mentioned in the case of Ben Simmons, in order to get a game distributor to support Bradley Beal. An interior like Karl-Anthony Towns would also be an option.

Still, it may very well be that the last season for the three players has cooled the competition, and that they will remain in the roster for the regular season. If that were to be the case, coach Scott Brooks could at least count on a lot of experience from them, something that his roster had lacked before. What to become indisputable holders in the future?

It looks like the coming days will not be easy for Kyle Kuzma and his ex-teammates at the Lakers. Waiting for a possible trade, this is a situation that we do not envy them!

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