Kris Bryant would like to stay with Anthony Rizzo

Just yesterday, it was highlighted that the Chicago Cubs will have an important decision to make in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, one of the main players, Kris Bryant, isn’t too worried about the rumors.

But he would like to stay with his good friend, Anthony Rizzo.

“Maybe that’s why we have more fun, because that could be the end. This may be the last time I play with Anthony Rizzo. Who knows? Maybe we are a “package deal”. We have said this to each other several times. I think that’s why a lot of the guys here are enjoying the moment, because it could be the last round together. We certainly hope it doesn’t, but that’s how the game goes sometimes. We are at different times in our career. « 

However, whether it’s with the Cubs or some other MLB roster, the chances of Bryant and Rizzo ending up on the same team next year are extremely slim.

Few teams will have the budget available to contract the two star players, especially with the numbers Bryant has been putting on the board since the start of this campaign. Indeed, in addition to his batting average of .308, he also gunned 13 long balls. A big contract awaits him at the end of the season.

But, nothing is impossible. And coming back to the Cubs, the only member of the trio (along with Javier Baez) who looks like he could be back in Windy City is Rizzo. It is almost certain that Bryant will evolve under other skies.

It will be a little weird to see the two sidekicks in different uniforms in 2022, or even 2021.

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