Kris Bryant on disabled list


In March 2022, the Colorado Rockies surprised the baseball world by signing Kris Bryant for seven years and $182 million.

A very funny decision.

And for the moment, we cannot say that this pact was crowned with success. After only playing 42 games last year, the outfielder finds himself once again on the injured list due to what the Denver club calls a bruised left heel.

It’s not like Bryant was having much success this season, as evidenced by his .263 batting average and paltry 11 more than one base hits.

Coors Field therefore does not seem to smile on Bryant since his arrival with the Rockies, unlike most players who have been there.

However, it is still a heavy loss for the Rockies, who have the worst record in the National League, 24 wins against 33 losses.

At least the Colorado squad was able to remove Charlie Blackmon from the bereaved list after he attended his grandfather’s funeral.

The Rockies will therefore have to rely more on Randal Grichuk in the coming days, he who is having one of his best seasons in his career, batting for an average of .351 in addition to posting an OPS of .899.

Quite the opposite of Bryant, and this, at a tiny part of the price.


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