Kraken Draft: Carolina (NHL) and Carolina (NFL) had fun after being confused

The Seattle Kraken expansion draft promised to keep hockey fans going. However, the event presented in the great outdoors on Wednesday rather had the effect of a wet firecracker.

Even before Ron Francis spoke his first words at the microphone, the identity of the 30 players chosen by the 32nd formation of the circuit had already leaked in the media.

Hello suspense.

Nevertheless, this expected draft gave us some outstanding moments. Or funny, should I say.

First, a few of the special guests who had been given the task of calling out a name or two looked as comfortable on stage as a kraken out of the water. Often, despite themselves. The legendary Shawn Kemp, for example, would surely have liked to be given an XXL sweater rather than a medium.

We also learned that Cale Fleury was going to be used in the attack in Seattle (!).

In short, between two yawns, it happened that I briefly widened my eyes.

Two Carolina teams combined

My favorite moment that night was when the Carolina Hurricanes were confused with the Carolina Panthers (NFL) by an ESPN commentator.

In fact, it was the reaction of the organizations in question that I liked. True to their reputation, Canes took pleasure in making fun of this clumsiness.

In response, the Carolina Panthers have played the game by changing their profile picture on Twitter.

It’s strong!

We know that the Hurricanes have accustomed us to this type of humor. In the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals, they openly sided with the Dallas Stars by appearing in green.

In addition, the Panthers (those in the NHL, don’t lose the thread) also joined in the conversation.

Professional organizations are too often morbidly concerned about the image projected on social media. It is for this reason that they are cautious. Fortunately, players like the Canes, Knights, and now the Kraken aren’t afraid to clown around or be scathing on occasion.

We love it.

PS The new Carolina Panthers jersey is on sale at No prank!

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