Kombouaré says he is “happy” but “disappointed” (go figure!) – Sport.fr

Despite four good recruits this summer, Antoine Kombouaré admits to being  » disappointed «  of the FC Nantes transfer window.

Passing through a press conference this Friday, Antoine Kombouaré took stock of the Nantes transfer window. If the Canaries have managed to keep Ludovic Blas, Alban Lafont and Moses Simon, they have not really strengthened to the chagrin of the Kanak coach.

“For us coaches, it’s a trying time. You expect players, the leaders sometimes have a different point of view and we end the transfer window sometimes disappointed. The feeling I have today after the transfer window is that there is disappointment. But I’m happy with the group I have. My best recruitment is to have kept Alban (Lafont), Simon and Ludo (Blas). The idea was to bring more to this group. Last season, we had eight starts. Today we have four arrivals. Four very good players, potential starters. I was given a staff. We will judge at the end of the championship. I am very happy with the players who make up this squad. Today, we put moods aside. I’m disappointed but after I work. I am especially happy that the transfer window is over. I stopped dreaming. I don’t believe in Santa anymore. Four players arrived. I would have hoped for more. Either I sulk and sulk or else I break up, or I stay and work. I want to work. »

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