Knocked out by Ben Simmons, Shaq unleashes his truth without pity!

Shortly before the resumption of the season, Ben Simmons finally came out of silence to attack Shaquille O’Neal in particular. The Nets player did not appreciate the behavior of his counterpart, who spent time criticizing him publicly, without seeking more information in private. Also annoyed, the Big Cactus did not let himself be faced with such accusations.

After a long period away from the courts, after personal problems, Ben Simmons is preparing to return in uniform, this time with a Nets jersey on his back. It’s not 100% confirmed yet, but the Australian should be available for training camp with Brooklyn, which means Steve Nash can count on him for the regular season opener. A meeting eagerly awaited by many fans, who are eager to find Simmons, especially alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The Shaq responds to Simmons after his attack!

But before embarking on this adventure, Simmons insisted on breaking the silence in the latest podcast from JJ Redick. An important moment for him to empty his bag and make a clean sweep of the past, sometimes very stormy at the Sixers. The player took advantage to go after Shaquille O’Neal, who did not seek to support him according to him, but rather to bring him down on his show on TNT. As you can imagine, the Big Cactus didn’t like this outing.

All these young players need to understand something relatively simple, Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t need to hate you. Everything you do today I’ve done a hundred times before. First of all, if you play at 9:30 p.m. and we say something about you at 10 p.m., it’s fair compared to what we see on the floor. The “mental disorder” side came only after people started attacking him (Ben Simmons).

I warned the world that you had sent me a private message, that you had explained to me that you had problems, so I warned the public that I was going to withdraw from this story. I said to him privately, “Okay, but the reason people don’t know what’s going on is because you’re not talking. “If it’s just a matter of taking it to the next level, compared to what I see on the court, I know how to do it. Ben knows I can help him.

And yes, you may be my brother, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to praise you every time for what you do. I will always be honest with you. But you can’t tell me that I hate you, because everything you do is because you’ve seen me do it before.

Important clarification from Shaq, who wishes to remind that he does not intend to give Simmons a gift, even if they come from the same university. He also criticizes the Nets player for not communicating enough about his problems, which he learned about too late according to him. More than ever, it seems that a discussion between the two men must take place, in the private setting if possible.

Ben Simmons and Shaquille O’Neal have started a battle from a distance before the resumption of the season, remains to be seen if the Nets player wants to engage in such a fight. Serious things are starting for the Australian, who is expected to join his new team, especially after the many stories of recent months. Hope everyone turns the page quickly.

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