Knicks star attacks roster after losing streak!

With multiple losses in November, the Knicks are in a very negative spiral. Julius Randle has spoken on the subject, and has spared no one. The interior is waiting for a quick reaction.

Losses to the Nets, the Bulls and then the Nuggets: the Knicks have been in trouble for some time now. We’re going to have to revive quickly, and it starts this week with a game against Spurs. With an average record of 11-12, New York needs to wake up if the franchise is not to fall too far behind the competition.

Big focus in the Knicks locker room?

Evan Fournier, Julius Randle or even RJ Barrett: they will all have to put themselves forward and make efforts to get out of this impasse. It starts with a good attitude on the floor, which Randle just explained to ESPN’s microphone in a recent interview.

We have to look at ourselves in a mirror and decide what the season is going to be. I know what I want, I know what guys want. But you have to get involved. We’re going to win games with our defense, that’s what we do. We don’t have 3 superstars or 4 like Brooklyn and these other franchises. We are a team.

With only 23 games, it’s not too late for New York to turn around. The dynamics may change in the coming weeks, provided you put the necessary effort on the floor. This is the challenge for Randle, who obviously seeks to motivate his teammates for the future.

If we want to win games, we have to play hard on the floor. We have to be disciplined with the game plan, and play well in defense. The attack ? If we’re good, so much the better, but that’s a bonus.

Hopefully Randle’s message got through, although we’ll have to wait to see the effects. It starts this week, with a showdown against Spurs, who just beat the Warriors.

Defense is Julius Randle’s priority, who wants the roster to wake up. That said, it remains to be seen how his teammates will react to all this. Early response against San Antonio.

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