Klay Thompson’s terrifying revelation about Stephen Curry!

Back on the throne of the league with Golden State, Stephen Curry continues to send heavy on the floors. And Klay Thompson thinks it’s far from over… The Californians’ star back did indeed drop a big announcement on the Chef recently.

Four years after the last victory of the Warriors, Stephen Curry is his team returned to reclaim their crown last June, defeating Boston in six games. Unsurprisingly, they are therefore among the title favorites for 2022-23, especially since Steve Kerr’s men are still a high quality group. Their Big Three has been complete again for a few months, and they can count on their franchise player to lead the way.

Because Baby Face was once again very strong last year, turning over 25 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists on average before being elected MVP of the Finals for the first time in his career. It’s called roaring thirties for the veteran, and it’s probably not over. In any case, this is the opinion of Klay Thompson, the other Splash Brother of the Dubs being convinced that his teammate can terrorize the opposing defenses for a long time to come:

Klay: « Steph can play like this until he’s 40 »

I think he can play like that for as long as he wants. Steph works so hard. He’s in great shape and he really just loves the game and he’s extremely competitive. I mean Steph can do it until he’s 40. His game is suited for that. He is not a power player. He’s powerful, but he’s based his game on finesse, and he’ll do it for as long as he wants.

As a reminder, Curry celebrated his 34th birthday last March. According to KT, his teammate could therefore continue his momentum for the next six seasons, a fairly impressive run. Currently, only LeBron James displays a monster level at an advanced age, he who has 38 springs on the clock. But unlike the King who is an athletic freak, the Chief is actually not dependent on his physique when it comes to the basis of his game, namely shooting.

Assuming that he can maintain his stamina, he who is a marathon runner on the floors and who is constantly on the move, the No. 30 therefore has the means to shine for Golden State, even in the twilight of his career. It remains to be seen whether he will always have a contender at his disposal, since his franchise is ahead of some big upheavals. If he banged his fist on the tablenot sure that the quadruple champion gets everything he wants, he who is now aiming for a fifth charm.

According to Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry is capable of performing at the level he currently has for a few more seasons. Whether the Splash Bro prophecy turns out to be correct remains to be seen, but if so, the Warriors will have to be counted among the favorites throughout this period.

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