Klay Thompson’s Return Date Announced, League Sweaty!

Injured for more than two years, Klay Thompson is preparing to return to the NBA. If he will have to wait a little longer, he is now in the home stretch: perfect news for the Warriors.

With a 14-2 record, the Warriors are, along with the Suns, the team for the start of the season. Stephen curry is in MVP mode, while Draymond Green shines in defense. We can also talk about Jordan Poole, who has just released a game with 32 units in the absence of the Chief. The youngster is gaining ground, to the delight of Steve Kerr.

Although the schedule was not the most difficult in the world, the Dubs impressed, especially with a victory over the Nets by Kevin Durant. The entire league is wary of Curry and his buddies, and that is not likely to get better in the coming weeks, with the announced return of Klay Thompson, absent for more than two years from the NBA floors.

Klay Thompson is aiming for December!

Because yes, the return of Klay Thompson is approaching more than ever in Golden State, to the point that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Shams Charania has indeed just shared important information this Sunday evening, since the shooter was authorized to participate in the 5v5 training match and all the workouts of his team: a major step.

After a big week of scrimmage, Klay Thompson was cleared to participate fully in Warriors training, leading to a comeback before Christmas week.

As announced a few months ago, Klay should therefore return in December, around the middle of the month if all goes as planned. The player can now train with his teammates, without any problem. Everything will be watched, but it bodes very well for the rest of his season.

Shams Charania clarifies that the most important will take place during the days off, as Thompson can face real and former NBA players, like Dante Exum recently. The person appeared very fit, although it will take time and sequence before imagining evolving again alongside Curry and co.

More than ever, Klay Thompson is approaching his comeback. Except downside, it will be for the month of December, and even before Christmas. This is great news for the Warriors, less for the competition.

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