Klay Thompson’s big, unnoticed change since his comeback

Expected by the entire NBA community, the return of Klay Thompson is obviously the subject of special attention. However, a big choice concerning him remained silent, until Steve Kerr’s recent intervention on the subject!

Sometimes, the desire to do too well can cause the opposite effect to that sought. In the case of Klay Thompson, it is certainly her who comes to disrupt his return to competition. A resident of the Warriors infirmary for two and a half seasons, the star back found service only a few days ago. And so far, not everything is going perfectly for him.

Although expected after such a long time away, Thompson’s marksmanship has never proven so unreliable. The latter thus runs at only 37.2% in shooting, and 30.2% at 3 points in his 6 games played this year! Attacking difficulties that could only be confirmed by Steve Kerr, against which the Golden State coach logically had to develop a plan.

New defensive duties for Klay Thompson

Struggling offensively, Klay can always relate to his defense, an area in which he has always excelled. He doesn’t have much choice anyway, since his team gets its victories this season mainly from this side of the field. Asked about the performances of his return in the exercise, this Monday, Kerr delivered a message full of enthusiasm.

I think he does well in this area. He moves really well. He is given more and more responsibility as he finds his rhythm and his minutes increase. And it will continue like this.

However, Killa Klay may never find the role he could have before his injury defensively.

This is indeed the message sent by the Dubs coach, not worried about Thompson’s ability to find his good old habits, but rather very satisfied with the performance of another of his men!

I still want Andrew (Wiggins) to stay on the opposition’s most dangerous player mark. It’s a role that suits him perfectly. But most teams have more than one dangerous player, so Klay should quickly find himself in more difficult matchups over time. And I think he’s perfectly capable of handling them.

Thanks to Wiggins, but also to other defensive experts like Draymond Green or Gary Payton II to accompany it, Thompson should therefore no longer have to spend as much energy in this sector as before!

A true pillar of the Warriors defense a few years ago, Klay Thompson will obviously no longer have to deal with opposing superstars on the outside. Enough to reduce his workload on the floor, and leave him enough energy to shine offensively!

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