Klay Thompson was the first to believe in the title

What a long way to go Klay Thompson, which flirted with 20 points per game at the end of the regular season and a new victorious playoff campaign. Hit in the knee in the final loss to the Raptors in 2019, then suffered a ruptured achilles tendon during his recovery, the All-Star guard helped bring his team back to the top three years later .

At the end of November, he announced that Golden State had the means to go all the way, especially after a successful start in his absence. Seven months later, with a fourth NBA championship ring in his pocket, Klay Thompson returned to the expression he had used at the time to qualify the 2021-2022 season: “ the title or nothing « .

“We are not playing to finish in second place. We were at the top and these defeats in the final hurt. It always hurts. We do not forget the actions that cost the match. I still think about it. So that’s what I was thinking when I said « The championship or nothing »he said on the “Point Forward” podcast hosted by Evan Turner and teammate Andre Iguodala.

The victorious DNA of the Warriors found

Still affected by the setbacks in the final conceded in 2016 against Cleveland and in 2019 against the Raptors, the shooter wanted to taste the intoxication of victory again and wanted to do it now. After 32 regular season games to get back on his feet, Klay Thompson then saw his group go into playoff mode and he quickly felt that there was « a great opportunity » in the final sprint.

“We have all this past to our credit but also talent to integrate, shooters… We have athletes, shooters, defenders. And I knew it could be our year” said Thompson, who found the Warriors’ winning DNA on this campaign.  » It’s crazy. It’s kind of like you can feel it. It’s hard to put into words because it comes from deep within your mind. Like, this team has this special thing, this little thing that sparkles. We felt it”.

History has proven him right, but Klay Thompson’s thirst for victory is far from being satisfied. “I think the best is yet to come. It’s been a long time since I had an off-season like this, just to train and progress. For two years, I had to work a lot on my physique.he concluded.

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