Klay Thompson unleashes a statement that will ignite fans, Kerr calms him down

Never the last to be enthusiastic about Golden State, Klay Thompson has been getting carried away a lot in recent days. To the point that his trainer has to intervene to calm him down! Steve Kerr has indeed released a wild punchline on the No. 11 there is little, just to cool him.

While the Warriors are fueling, Klay Thompson is working on his return to the courts. And the least we can say is that the crazy shooter appreciates what he sees of his teammates since the resumption. Asked by journalists, he did not hide that he believed as hard as their chances of the title:

Oh yes. We are at 15-2. It is a good indicator. Our defense is in the league’s top 3 as well as our offense. And I’m not even in the field yet. Think about this. Really think about it.

Obviously, the rear is fully hyped by the gun start, and pawns impatiently at the idea of ​​being able to make its contribution. He did not stop there in his statements, putting a little more pressure on the Dubs. According to him, this is clearly the year or never for the men of the Bay, who must take advantage of their form to go for the Larry O’Brien trophy:

Klay Thompson: « Title or Nothing » for the Warriors

Klay Thompson: “We’re now a title-or-nothing type of team, and it’s a really cool situation to go through, and not many players get to experience that. « 

The season is still long, we tell ourselves that the n ° 11 is starting to ignite a bit for the moment. Moreover, we are not the only ones to think so, because Steve Kerr wanted to calm things down after the exits of his protégé. Asked by NBC Sports, the coach addressed a tackle tinged with humor to Killa Klay, while recalling that the latter had to focus on making a good comeback, after his long absence:

In response to Klay’s proclamation that it would be « the title or nothing » for Golden State, Kerr smiled and said, « Looks like a guy who hasn’t played in 2 and a half years. » Kerr added that Klay can say whatever he wants right now. « I don’t know a guy who likes to play as much as he does. »

Kerr is certainly right to want to bring Klay Thompson back down to earth, he who must first be reinstated in the game of the Warriors. However, the rear is not wrong on one point: his franchise has a huge opportunity in 2021-22. It remains to be seen whether they will grab it.

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