Klay Thompson took over the five-on-five | NBA

Klay Thompson can now train normally. The back of the Warriors, who did not travel with the team on the occasion of the « road trip » in the East, no longer has any limitation of physical contact. Steve Kerr has just announced that he took part in a five-on-five game on Monday and is expected to do the same on Wednesday.

 » I had good feedback, he must continue », displays the coach of the Warriors, after the victory against the Nets. “A two-year absence takes a lot of work. Not only rehabilitation, but also endurance, power. So it’s very good that he is playing in five-on-five but that does not mean that he will be ready to tread an NBA floor from next week for example. But he’s progressing really well. « 

Klay Thompson, however, seems set to make this comeback in December, perhaps even before the announced period around Christmas.

 » It’s huge « , comments Draymond Green. “Morally alone, it’s huge. This also has an impact on the way our opponents see us. […] He isn’t expected to be the Klay Thompson of 2018 right away, but he’s been working like crazy for the time being. I can’t wait to see him return to the field. « 

Where is James Wiseman?

For his part, Stephen Curry says he has not spoken with his “Splash Brother” since the start of this “road trip”. But the leader knows that he stayed in California to continue his work until his resumption in the game.  » So glad to hear that he keeps making progress “Enthuses the MVP of the night.

Their coach also expressed his optimism about the other big injured of the team, James Wiseman. The latter, unlike Klay Thompson, has not yet been allowed to resume play in five-on-five.

His knee injury requires  » a daily check of his condition « , describes Steve Kerr. “Jaren Jackson had the same injury last year. It’s a long process, but it’s doing very well. His attitude is excellent and we are obviously in a hurry for him to be back and able to play. We just have to be patient. « 

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