Klay Thompson euphoric, KD trolls wildly

While most of the NBA stars clash in frenzied playoff duels, Klay Thompson continues his rehabilitation. Very happy to share his joy at the big step he has just taken, the sniper suffered the mockery of… Kevin Durant.

No, he doesn’t just spend his time boating, with his dog, or planning his reconversion as a triathlete. Well despite himself from the prosecution for more than two years now, Klay Thompson is working above all to regain his physical condition. With, for main objective, to play a big role in the season 2021-22 of the Warriors.

At 31, and despite two big injuries in a row, the Golden State back still feels capable of regaining its former level, and helping his franchise regain the top of the league. His reunion with the prosecution inevitably approaches, and it is initially that of the Chase Center that he was able to tread on this Tuesday.

DubNation, I still have a long, long, LOOOONG way to go. But my God, how good it was to go back and forth and see the ball go through the net. Can’t wait to heat them up next year 👌🏽 💦 🔥 !! Big step for me this week.

For the first time since the inauguration of the San Francisco venue, Killa Klay was able to find his marks there, and set the sights there for next season. The photos attached to his publication obviously delighted the Dub Nation, but also inspired a certain… Kevin Durant, author of a surprising comment.


Make no mistake, the Nets star wasn’t hungry at the time of this writing, nor did Klay give Klay that pastry nickname. In fact, this expression of « Shortbread » would be used by Thompson when one of his teammates throws a shot too short, whether in practice or in a game.

A kind of little troll affectionate by the shooter, but that KD has this time tried to turn against him. According to the Slim Reaper, the cliché where we can see his former teammate taking his chance behind the arc would have given birth to a failure. Rather cheeky on his part, he who remains on a failure of this kind … synonymous with elimination for his team in the playoffs.

The relationship between Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant remains very friendly, the proof with this good-natured rooming, but Durantula’s dubious timing.

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