Klay Thompson enraged after he was left out of the Top 75

Klay Thompson is not the type to show his emotions or even get upset. Yet after discovering his absence from the Top 75 in league history, he could not hide his disappointment on social networks.

It was a certainty at the very moment when the project was announced, the list of the 75 best players in the history of the league would create a lot of controversy. And of course, it was not lacking. It must be said that certain choices are particularly intriguing, and in particular the presence of Damian lillard and Anthony davis. Obviously, the two superstars are monstrous, but is their track record enough to claim a place among the all-time elite?

Especially when we see what some absent people have accomplished… Tony Parker, quadruple NBA champion, MVP of the Finals, inventor of the “tear drop” that so many players have taken up, has been snubbed! An oversight that pissed off one of the biggest faces today and many fans on social networks. And the pill must be even harder to swallow for Dwight Howard, whose monstrous track record is too often forgotten.

Klay Thompson’s heartbreaking message after his snob

And among the current players, some also have the right to be disappointed. Kyrie Irving, despite the controversy over his non-vaccination, could have largely claimed a place, as Klay Thompson, triple NBA champion! Moreover, the latter did not hesitate to express his disappointment on social networks. He already saw himself among the elite, and his sadness was felt in this short but heartbreaking message.

I might be naive about my playing skills, but in my head I’m in the Top 75 all-time.

Klay Thompson arguably pays his two clean seasons following his injury in the 2019 Finals, but despite everything, one of the two best shooters in history has already had the opportunity to score the league on numerous occasions, and would have so could claim something. 60 points in 11 dribbles, 14 long distance shots in one game, 37 points in a single quarter… Here are records that will not budge any time soon.

Klay Thompson is a unique profile in history and he could have claimed a spot in the Top 75. But between injuries and his role as Stephen Curry’s lieutenant, he had many hurdles to overcome.

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