Klay Thompson drops a big statement on Kobe, Vanessa Bryant answers him!

NBA Vanessa responds to Klay Thompson

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Recently awarded, Klay Thompson took the opportunity to drop a remarkable statement on Kobe Bryant. The widow of the latter immediately reacted, and we can say that the words of the shooter moved Vanessa.

He may not have been around for two and a half years, after dying with his daughter Gigi in January 2020, Kobe Bryant continues to leave its mark on the orange ball. After all, the former Laker was the model for a host of players who came after him, who continue to pay tribute to him at the slightest opportunity. Jayson Tatum did it a lot during the last Finals, and it was Klay Thompson who was the latest to honor the memory of No. 24.

Just titled with the Warriors, the back was entitled to one more reward recently. During the ESPY Awards, he was elected athlete with the greatest back of the year, he who missed more than two years of competition between 2019 and 2022. However, the Splash Bro wanted to dedicate this distinction to the Mamba, as well as his family. He indeed shared some childhood memories, revolving around the legend of the Pourpres et Ors:

Klay Thompson dedicates comeback to Kobe

The best memory I had growing up in Southern California was coming to the Staples Center with my dad. I had a privileged life, my father was a commentator for the Lakers. I was going to every game early just to see Kobe do his thing.

I would like to thank the Bryant family. I don’t know if Vanessa is watching, but I would like to thank Vanessa and her three children. We think of Kobe and Gigi every day. I have the Mamba Mentality book every day during rehab, those are the best memories, watching him play. He inspired me to be the athlete I am today.

Impossible to do more class coming from the crazy shooter, visibly moved when talking about the late five-time NBA champion. The iron discipline and the determination by which he had distinguished himself in his time were in any case decisive in allowing KT to return to competition. By the way, the widow of Vino has indeed heard the words of the latter. Vanessa indeed answered him on Instagram, expressing all her gratitude to the Dubs manager:

Klay Thompson, you have class. Thank you for your support and love for Kobe, my Gigi and our family. Thanks for always including my Gigi when you think of Kob. Congratulation.

Magnificent tribute to Kobe Bryant from Klay Thompson, who wanted to thank his eldest for the inspiration he gave him during difficult times. It is therefore hardly surprising that Vanessa Bryant thanked him in this way.

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