Kings: Jack Jablonski reveals his homosexuality

Jack Jablonski, who has been paralyzed for more than 10 years due to an accident in a high school hockey game, came out as gay on Wednesday.

“To my friends, my supporters and all those who have been part of my story; although it took a lot of time, it was not easy to get to this point,” Jablonski, associate digital media content specialist for the Los Angeles Kings, wrote on social media. “Over the past 10+ years adjusting to my ‘new life’ and dealing with paralysis has been difficult both publicly and personally. Luckily, I was blessed with immense support and you all played a substantial role in my journey.

“But that is not the purpose of this message. Before my injury, I had started to fight my inner ego. I went from confusion, disbelief, denial and hiding to acceptance and joy. This process was extremely difficult and lonely. I’m proud of who I am and ready to open up. I am homosexual. »

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Jablonski, paralyzed from the chest down since fracturing two vertebrae and suffering a spinal cord injury after being checked from behind during a hockey game in Minnesota on December 30, 2011, is carried -speaking of people with spinal cord injuries.

He is also involved with the Jack Jablonski Foundation, which was established a year after his accident to advance paralysis convalescent treatments through research. He was honored for his dedicated work by being named a community hero during the 2022 Winter Classic between the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues at Target Field on Jan. 1.

« I’m not a professional athlete, but I intend to spend my life and my career in sports, » Jablonski said. I can’t thank those who had the courage to come forward before me enough to pave the way in the world of sport. Their acceptance and the positive reactions they generated had a great impact. You’ve helped people like me become comfortable with who I really am, publicly. A gay man in the sports world.

“I hope that by sharing this part of me, I can help someone else avoid the pain and loneliness I have experienced for the past 12 years. »

Luke Prokopa Nashville Predators prospect, became the first player under contract with an NHL team to come out as gay in July 2021.

« He may not know it, but Luke Prokop was a game-changer for me, » Jablonski told The Athletic. I opened up and talked to him. I asked him several questions to find out how everything had gone for him, and he gave everyone nothing but compliments. He was especially positive about how the Predators treated him, which made me feel a lot better. »

The Kings also released a statement.

“We are proud of Jack and impressed with the courage he has shown – an inspiration to everyone in our organization. Inclusiveness, equality and diversity are promoted in our workplaces and in our community. Our team would like to highlight his announcement and we support him unconditionally. »

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