Kimera EVO37: what is the « resurrected » Lancia 037 worth?

Kimera EVO37 or how to strike a chord: re-imagining an 80s star with updated technology and performance.

the restomod ? Nothing could be easier to explain: restore and modernize. Clearly, this consists of starting from a classic car and giving it the benefit of current technology, while preserving its vintage side. Without rules set in stone. The modifications can thus relate to the engine, chassis, equipment or aesthetics.

As to whether this is a crime, I leave it to anyone who has never dreamed of a Singer to cast the first stone. In the case of the Kimera EVO37, it is a Lancia Beta Montecarlo who serves as a guinea pig.

Luca Bettithe president and founder of the young Italian brand, tells us: “We opted for the Montecarlo because there are still a lot of models on the second-hand market. » Before going into the details of this open-heart surgery: “We keep the central cell on which we graft two tubular frames. As for the engine, we are completely redesigning it. We practice what is called reverse engineering. »

“We project the dimensions of the original block and we recreate it using modern technologies, such as 3D extensions or rapid prototypes. We followed the same scheme as the engine of the Lancia Delta S4, with twin supercharging, a Volumex supercharger and a turbo. It is very interesting, because it allows to have a constant torque. »

“At low revs, the volumetric compressor blows and then the turbo takes over. At the time of the S4, the technology did not make it possible to manage this double supercharging well. There was a whole system of valves that made it lose its effectiveness. Today, electronics allow infinitely more precise piloting. When the compressor begins to drop in efficiency, it is deactivated thanks to a controlled clutch and we thus free the engine by letting it only drive the turbo. In the same way, when you go down in speed, you hear the reactivation of the compressor which acts as an engine brake with a characteristic noise. »

Lambo box

As for the gearboxLuca Betti digs squarely on the shelves Audi-Lamborghini : “This is the 6-speed manual transmission from the Gallardo and the first Audi R8s. It is designed to accept a lot of torque. She is very reliable. »

With the large 19 inch wheels, tires and modern settings, these are all technical revolutions that leave a boulevard to Claudio Lombardi, a former Ferrari engineer called to the rescue, to calibrate a much higher power than the original one. If the Beta Monte Carlo peaked at 120 hp, the target increases to 500 hp (!) for a bar initially set at 1 ton! Ambitious !

So much so that Luca Betti tells us: “With this size and this base, you would have to make a racing car to stay under 1,000 kg. Given the level of comfort demanded by our customers, we should be around 1,050 to 1,060 kg. »

A Porsche Carrera GT clutch

Our test model exceeds this value, because of its temporary fiberglass front and rear covers, and not carbon fiber like the rest of the body. the power to weight ratio of this model therefore has little to do with the promised 2 kg/hp, especially since its 4-cylinder, still in the running-in phase, is far from 500 hp. Rather 350 at a glance. This does not prevent its vibrant character from recalling the monsters of yesteryear.

As for the progressiveness of his clutchit is reminiscent of that of a Porsche Carrera GT : in other words, you need a steel peg to avoid stalling. Never mind, the visible mechanism of the gearbox control and the precise gear locks provide a rare pleasure.

Feelings flow!

On the inside, we also note the remarkable level of finish and the acceptable driving position, even for large sizes. Let’s say we expected worse. Vintage just right If it grows? It’s voluntary, yes, but the sanitized setting of the 4 cylinders of our model test has almost enough to leave us hungry. To be honest, we expected more violent. But no regrets, since it’s raining.

A bad pick therefore, especially as the faulty wipers and the non-existent visibility do not encourage you to seek the limits of grip. Fortunately, a few laps on the circuit allow you to capture driving sensations: a healthy base with a short wheelbase and a rear axle that does not need to be asked to pass in front. That said, the agility is remarkable and the car must be put on the ground in the dry. On the other hand, the electric steering is too light. Nevertheless, the sensations flow.

A unique atmosphere

On board, the Kimera plunges you into a unique atmosphere. At the antipodes of the overpowered and sanitized GTs which catapult you at the speed of light without emotions. To schematize roughly, it’s a kind of mix between a more livable Donkervoort and a less bestial Pagani. Luca Betti does not hide his admiration for Mr. Pagani.

“We use a lot of elements cut in the mass by CNC technology (numerical control by computer). They are pieces of art. It is a perfect technique because it avoids fusion or air problems. It’s the same technology that Horacio Pagani uses. He is my friend and my master. »

28 orders on 37 models

Before continuing and concluding: “With the Kimera EVO37, I wanted to do something really different. For those who have dreamed of an old car, but do not want to be disappointed driving it, as is often the case. This is why we took this approach, which combines modern services and period charm. »

The clientele is receptive to it, with 28 firm orders on the limited edition 37 models. As for the joys of road homologation, it’s another pair of sleeves. But we are assured that “It’s the same principle as the Audi A3 prepared by ABT, for example, or the BMW Alpina. The gray card is reprinted with the chassis number of the donor car, but with the name Lancia EVO37 Kimera”.

Kimera EVO37: technical sheet

  • Engine: 4 cyl. supercharger + turbo
  • Displacement: 2,150 cc
  • Maximum power: 505 hp at 7,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 56.1 mkg at 2,000 rpm
  • Transmission: rear wheels, 6 manual gears
  • Traction control/locking: standard/standard
  • Advertised weight: 1,050 kg
  • Power to weight ratio: 2.8 kg/hp
  • L – W – H: 4055 – 1905 – 1200 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2520mm
  • Front & rear tyres: 245/35 R 18 & 295/30 R 19
  • Base price: €648,000
  • Production: limited to 37 models

The opinion of Laurent Chevalier

Special mention for the passion that transpires from this achievement and the attention to detail. Provided you swallow the price pill. This model, in break-in and with degraded power, gives off good impressions at the wheel. These will have to be confirmed by a more complete test in the final configuration, in the dry.

Find our test also in the Motorsport No. 725 of 05/27/2022.

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