Killian Hayes takes a big push in Detroit!

Killian Hayes is entering the final guaranteed year of his contract, so he’s going to have to make an impression if they want to. to chase adventure with the Pistons. Moreover, according to a specialist, he will be the player most under pressure in the Michigan franchise.

Killian Hayes has been making headlines for the past few days, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Anxious to improve ahead of his third season in the league, the Pistons point guard decided to participate in the famous « Open Runs » in Los Angeles, where he could face superstars such as Stephen Curry and Trae Young… Unfortunately, he was undermined by the two All-Stars.

Killian Hayes already under pressure in Detroit?

The Chief and Ice Trae are exceptional players, so it’s normal to see Killian Hayes struggling against them. After this little match, the Frenchman even received a encouraging message from the MVP of the last Finals, which should give him some confidence. He will need it to meet the huge expectations around him in Detroit. According to James L. Edwards III, journalist for The Athletiche is the most under pressure player at the Pistons.

After being slowed by injuries and his offensive inconsistency during his first two seasons in the NBA, Killian Hayes, 21, must prove that he has made real progress on offense over the summer, especially behind the line at 3. points or in his attack of the basket. Thus, he would finally approach what the Pistons leaders saw in him before the 2020 Draft.

Becoming a player who spreads the game or who is a real threat on penetration would allow him to enter a new dimension, he who should be the first player to come off the bench this season. Since arriving in Detroit, the Pistons have selected Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey in the last two drafts. Hayes will have a team option at 7 million for his 4th season.

Will another bad attacking season cause the leaders to question his future? No doubt, especially with the presence in the workforce of Cunningham and Ivey. However, Killian Hayes is still very young, and he should have the opportunity to prove that he is progressing and moving in the right direction for the future.

Killian Hayes will logically lose his starting spot this season, in favor of rookie Jaden Ivey. Coming off the bench, he should face less fierce opponents and above all gain freedom, it is up to him to respond.

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