Killian Hayes extended by Detroit, contract guaranteed until 2023

Drafted in 2020 by the Pistons, Killian Hayes awaited the decision of his leaders about his future. The Detroit franchise has decided, without much surprise, to extend its young shoot for a season.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Detroit Pistons made their decision regarding the players in their squad drafted in 2020. Among them, Killian Hayes (20), selected in seventh position. His option has been exercised and his contract has been extended for a season, securing him a salary of nearly $ 5.6 million this year and $ 5.8 million in the next fiscal year.

In a period when it seems more and more complicated for young French players to assert themselves in the NBA, the fates are extremely different. Frank Ntilikina was released by the New York Knicks before finally bouncing back to the Dallas Mavericks, Sekou Doumbouya was sent to the Houston Rockets before being immediately cut … For his part, Killian Hayes can be happy to dispose a guaranteed contract until the end of the 2022-2023 season.

A young appreciated but expected at the turn

Especially since Killian Hayes had a complicated rookie year. In particular slowed down by a major injury to the hip, the former player of Cholet had only taken part in 26 games, for 6.8 points with 35.3% shooting success, 5.3 assists and 2 , 7 rebounds on average. Too little to confirm his status and justify his classification in the Draft but enough for his leaders to confirm their confidence in him.

For his sophomore season, Killian Hayes will be most anticipated. And he seems to have prepared himself to meet expectations, as he confided during the media day of its frankness. « After the Summer League I came back to France and worked a lot with my coaches, he said. I know I can be a great defender so I focus on that. » The 20-year-old point guard will also be able to count on the support of his coach, Dwane Casey: « I have great confidence in Killian. He came back in September being a different kid. He did a good job in his individual training. , especially in terms of speed and rhythm. « 

In a franchise undergoing rebuilding, Killian Hayes is still seen as a centerpiece. It only remains for him to confirm. At stake, a final option of $ 7.4 million, for his last rookie season, in 2023-2024, that the Pistons can raise in the future.

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