Killian Hayes at the heart of a humiliating Top 5 of the season, fans furious!

Now titular in Detroit until the end of the season, Killian Hayes is however still quite irregular. To make matters worse, the leader appears in the heights of a ranking that is anything but flattering… Enough to earn him some particularly acerbic mockery.

Difficult to draw a concrete assessment of the start of the season for Killian Hayes, even after 34 games. At the bottom of the hole at the start of the campaign, Cade Cunningham’s injury recently opened the doors to the five majors again. Better, the star of the Pistons will be absent for the rest of the exercise, which means that the French will have the right to a lot of playing time after having been used very sparingly by his coach on the first meetings.

However, despite some very convincing outings in the month of December, the former Top 10 draft is still quite irregular and the slightest counter-performance causes him to be destroyed. In fact, there is one area where the point guard is showing consistency, but it’s not very flattering… He has the 5th worst shooting percentage in the league among all players who have attempted at least 300 shots this season :

Killian Hayes weighed down by his clumsiness in shooting

With 37.4% shooting success in 2022-23 as well as in his career, the Lakeland native is indeed one of the most clumsy players when it comes to concluding. If he displays his best three-point stats this year (30.9%), it is still too insufficient for a guard, especially in the current context with a game increasingly oriented towards outside shooting. The Frenchy therefore unfortunately did not escape a few murderous comments:

If there’s Killian in there, it’s because the ranking is really shitty

The worst players in the league

There are still ups and downs for Killian Hayes, especially at the skill level. If he manages to set the sights as soon as possible, it could only be beneficial for the rest of his career, whether it takes place on the side of the Pistons or elsewhere. That’s all we can wish for him.

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