Kignon, small biscuits made from recycled flour in Savenay

Food waste shows worrying figures in France. Regarding bread, a sacred and widely consumed commodity in our country, 200 million baguettes are lost among French bakers each year.

Hence the idea of ​​the creators of Kignon: recycle these chopsticks to make cookies!

They collect unsold goods from organic bakers in Nantes, and add milk, butter, eggs and sugar, produced as far as possible in the Great West.

Kignon employs people with disabilities, within an ESAT in Savenay.

The biscuits thus produced gave these people a job, avoided enormous food waste, as well as wasted water. It takes a tub of water to make a baguette…

You can find Kignon’s products on their website, and opt, why not, for a monthly subscription plan.

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