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Main lieutenant of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton is finally on the return after having to go through the isolation box because of the Covid-19. The timing is perfect as the Bucks are returning from a five-game road trip and are preparing to return to the Fiserv Forum this Wednesday against the Lakers.

« I’ve been training for the last two days here while the guys were on the go », said the winger. “In training I felt good. But everyone knows that the pace of a game is totally different. I can’t wait to see how I feel tomorrow ”.

While Milwaukee continues to look for the start of the season (6v-8d), the return of Khris Middleton will represent another reliable benchmark for the collective of Mike Budenholzer, who believes that the contribution of his winger is not recognized at its true value.

“I think we underestimate what he does for us defensively, on the rebound, in his communication, his leadership. Everyone’s talking about their scoring, their shots and all that stuff. I don’t want to underestimate them, but I think he’s really a complete player and a great leader ”, underlined his coach, who added that Khris Middleton would resume under a minute restriction against the Lakers.

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The player for his part said he was first worried about the impact that the disease was going to have on his body. It was then necessary to be patient, when all the symptoms had disappeared after two days, but the tests still came back positive.

« Once I felt good, I was always tested positive », he added. “I was calling the coaches to see if I could do something. They told me that I couldn’t do cardio or exercise or any workout until the doctors gave me their consent. It was the most difficult part, having to sit still, feeling that I was ready but that I had not yet received the authorization ”.

In addition to depriving him of competition since the end of October, the Covid-19 has also prevented Khris Middleton from going to the White House to respond to President Joe Biden’s invitation following the league title won by the Bucks last season. . The player had to settle for a FaceTime call from the president himself.

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