Kevin Love’s icy response to Team USA boss that smashed him

Publicly knocked out by the boss of Team USA, Kevin Love responded cash. It is filterless, and it has the merit of being clear. Suffice to say that we will not see the strong-winger playing for Uncle Sam anytime soon …

The soap opera Kevin Love may have finally found its end. To re-situate the thing, the Cavs player, despite a very delicate season on the side of Cleveland, had assured Team USA that he could play an interesting role and contribute to the American roster for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Clearly, however, K-Love was too fair physically, and the verdict was final.

Hardly his retirement from the squad announced, the former teammate of LeBron James had the displeasure to see Jerry Colangelo, big manitou of Team USA, knock him out in the public square with hurtful words. A rather violent outing, which had many echoes.

First of all, a former player in the 2004 squad knocked out Colangelo in return, thus defending Kevin Love. And unsurprisingly, it was the player himself who ended up reacting. The message is clear, crisp and precise:

Tell them to fuck off. But forgive them.

No need to elaborate, no doubt about how Love feels. Mentally fragile and in the grip of a few worries of depression, we imagine that the interior of the Cavs suffered the insult all the more badly, he who wanted to do well and was ready to sacrifice his summer for Team USA despite his physical problems. In the end, the experience will have turned into a fiasco from A to Z.

Almost 33 years old, Kevin Love is still a Cleveland player anyway, despite big rumors of departure in recent months. It could also be that the big man is packaged during the summer – otherwise, he will still bring his 20-25 minutes per evening and supervise the young people.

Kevin Love did not let Jerry Colangelo’s cold words pass. Cash response from the big man, whom we shouldn’t see again with an American jersey on our shoulders …

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