Kevin Gausman’s market is active

The pitching market has clearly been ahead of the positional market since the start of the offseason. And it is likely to continue like this.

It is that interest in gunner Kevin Gausman continues to grow, especially since the signing of Steven Matz with the Saint-Louis Cardinals.

Some of the teams that are interested in acquiring Gausman’s services include his former team, the San Francisco Giants, as well as the Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners.

The Jays had already shown interest in Gausman last winter, but the right-hander finally decided to sign a one-year, $ 18.9 million pact with the Giants.

The 30-year-old maintained an earned-run average of 2.81 in 192 innings of work during the 2021 campaign. He finished sixth in the ballot to award the National League’s Cy Young Trophy.

Gausman is probably looking for a three or four year contract and around $ 20 million per season. If Robbie Ray were to leave Canada, the Blue Jays will have to comply with his demands if they are to ensure they get their hands on a quality arm to add to their starting rotation.

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