Kevin Garnett unpins and burns Anthony Davis!

Kevin Garnett destroyed Anthony Davis

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Kevin Garnett knows better than anyone what it takes to become an ultra-dominant power forward in the NBA… He also knows that Anthony Davis has the talent to walk the league, so he’s especially frustrated to see him most of the time in the infirmary. He made it clear in an incendiary tirade.

That she seems far the first season ofAnthony Davis at the Lakers, when he had established himself as the future boss of the franchise, even of the league. If Los Angeles managed to clinch the title in the bubble, it was largely thanks to the exploits of the interior, which averaged 27.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.4 blocks during this successful campaign. .

The problem is that since this beautiful period, which dates back two years ago, Anthony Davis is no longer the same. Indeed, he has not even participated in 50% of his team’s matches since, the fault of recurring injuries. When it’s not the ankle or the knee that handicap him, it’s muscle glitches, much more complicated to treat, which also explains the poor results of the Purple and Gold following the title.

Kevin Garnett wants an MVP season from AD!

If the player is not necessarily responsible for all the injuries, the situation begins to frustrate more than one, which is why some fans even mention his name in a potential exchange for Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. In a recent interview on the Fubo Sports channel, Kevin Garnett also let his disappointment explode about the interior of the Lakers. He gave her an XXL challenge.

AD, go on vacation to Hawaii where I don’t know where, but when you come back for training camp, you must be in better shape than everyone else. You have to aim for the title of MVP! It’s up to him to take over, LeBron has carried the torch for decades. He came to Los Angeles. He wanted to be traded to the Lakers for a chance to be MVP and to recover the torch from LeBron’s hands.

When he said he hadn’t touched a ball for several months I was pissed… AD you have to watch your matches this season, alone, and be honest with yourself. It is unthinkable that he is not in the Top 5 or 10 of the best players in the world. Seriously. He could be so much better than he is. I can’t wait for Rasheed Wallace to work with him. He should already be MVP, he’s so strong.

For Kevin Garnett, Anthony Davis should be much better than he is now, and especially with a much better track record than this « simple » championship title. The 2004 MVP would love to welcome AD to the very private club of the best players over a season, which seems increasingly unlikely. The Big Ticket knows it, everything will go through good health and good physical condition, remains to be seen if Davis will make the efforts required to recover.

Anthony Davis will have a lot to play for next season. After two years at the infirmary, he will have to prove to the fans and his managers that he is capable of staying healthy and helping a team over the distance. In any case, this is what is expected of such a great player.

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