Kevin Garnett cracks and badly destroys the Lakers on Instagram!

Celtics legend Kevin Garnett is keeping an eye on the rest of the NBA, including rival Lakers. In a viral Instagram story, the Big Ticket sent a huge tackle to the Purple and Gold and the candidates for the coaching position.

The Conference Finals are on the way, the Lakers aren’t involved since they haven’t even qualified for the playoffs, and yet they’re still making headlines. Indeed, in all major broadcasts across the Atlantic, the question of the new coach excites and debates. JJ Redick is the latest to speak on this subject, and he did so in a particularly cashy way.

Coaching the Lakers is not a good job.

Kevin Garnett explodes the 3 finalists of the Lakers

For JJ Redick, the position of Lakers coach is not good, since it comes with excessive pressure and expectations compared to the level of the workforce. But for Kevin Garnett, it is the three finalists who are not good. In a vitriolic Instagram tirade, he didn’t hesitate to tap on Kenny Atkinson, Terry Stotts and Darvin Ham. In love with the Celtics that he is, he should rather rejoice.

Guys, are the Lakers serious? They are not serious in their desire to improve the situation with this list of coaches 🤣🤦🏾 ♂️ Get out of here 🤣💯 Are they serious? No they are not serious. They are serious 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️💯

Kevin Garnett is obviously not a fan of the Lakers’ selection for the coaching position. Kenny Atkinson, Terry Stotts and Darvin Ham do not seem to convince the Big Ticket, which would undoubtedly have preferred a candidate with more grip and more prestige. It is true that in a franchise that has seen Phil Jackson or Pat Riley pass, one would expect a little more bling bling on the bench, to match that on the ground.

But the league is changing, and today it is not enough to be a big name to succeed. The proof, Doc Rivers has just experienced a terrible disappointment in the playoffs, despite a very talented workforce, when Tom Thibodeau failed to qualify his Knicks in the playoffs. The stars of this postseason are called Taylor Jenkins or Ime Udoka, which are not really references on paper.

Kevin Garnett blithely mocks the Lakers and the finalists for the coaching job, but he doesn’t give any names to help the Purple and Gold. In any case, he will have to get used to it, the next Purple and Gold coach will certainly not be a legend.

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