Kevin Durant’s inflammatory and arrogant statement on France and the others!

Kevin Durant is on top of the world… For the second consecutive Olympiad, he carried Team USA at arm’s length to a beautiful gold medal, thus solidifying his status as the best player on the planet. And after the final against the Blues, he had words of rare arrogance.

We knew that the danger would come from him, and yet the French basketball team failed to contain the exceptional Kevin Durant… When Team USA drank the cup at the start of the match, it was he who kept the ship afloat with very high level shots. It’s very simple, we only see him or almost on the highlights of the meeting.

With 29 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and above all a great feeling of ease, the Nets superstar confirmed what many already know: he is among the three best players on the planet, and he is closer to the first place that of the third… And after the meeting, he reacted like the boss he is during a live Instagram. Arrogance at its height …

The media released a ranking before the Olympics where we were 4th behind Slovenia… Seriously my guy… They keep saying that other countries like France are catching up with us. Are you serious ?! Our level and our talent are unmatched! Thank you to everyone who won this medal, who helped us. I’m going to a press conference but I had to tell you all that before.

A relentless statement, to which LeBron James did not fail to react.

Kevin Durant is indeed ruthless with the rest of the world… For him things are simple, nobody is at the level of Team USA, whether individually or collectively, and nobody will ever be so much the gap remains large . A statement that exudes confidence, even the superiority complex, and which is more than surprising given the career of this team in these Olympic Games. Gold was not won without pitfalls.

Because we must not forget that the men of Gregg Popovich were not undefeated. Even for a while, each match ended with a victory of at least 30 points. Today, teams like France are totally capable of looking the Americans in the eye and even knocking them down. Whether KD likes it or not, Europe and Australia are indeed chasing the US. And to keep the throne, the Americans will have to avoid dispersing, like the Insulting tackle from Jayson Tatum’s mother to Gregg Popovich.

Kevin Durant knows that he is strong, that he is the best, it was seen on this live Instagram… He masters the art of stirring the knife in the wound, it is a certainty.

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