Kevin Durant’s controversial new tweet about his own Nets teammates!

Still very active on his twitter account, Kevin Durant started talking about him again on Tuesday. Out of nowhere, the winger dropped a tweet partially criticizing his own teammates, or rather his team’s chances. Unless it’s a new major troll about him…

It seems impossible to locate the exact level of the Nets at present. The return of Kyrie Irving did not change much, while the awakening of Ben Simmons helped boost the chances of Jacque Vaughn’s men. The Australian has regained his luster for a few games, even if he is currently in the infirmary. We can also mention Seth Curry, as skilful as his brother, Steph, when it comes to punishing shooting.

Kevin Durant pessimistic at the Nets?

In all this, we find Kevin Durant, capable of changing a match on his own like his last box. And yet, impossible to know if the Nets have a real chance of winning the title this season. Not with so many dramas in the Big Apple. The Slim Reaper’s latest tweet will not calm the spirits, since it indirectly destroys the chances of his franchise.

Internet user: “The Nets are incredible and they will win 55 games and the championship. The bad start was nothing. I could say that the Celtics and the Bucks are one or even two changes away from being at our level. Come on Nets, this team is crazy. KD will win the MVP title, Ben/Kyrie/KD will all be in the All-NBA. A second special part is being prepared »

Kevin Durant: “The Nets made you lose your mind, maybe you need a rest. It will break you my brother…”

By responding in this way, KD is therefore indirectly dismantling the story of this Internet user. As if he didn’t think the Nets could pull off a big second half of the season, or win the title. The person provided an explanation a few hours later:

“I have to clarify this quickly, Kevin Durant is not criticizing his own team here. He was on my back because I was very hard on them and I dropped this very positive tweet sarcastically. Don’t be mad at him. »

Kevin Durant is still noticed with a surprising tweet, although the explanation of the Internet user holds up. A clumsy message anyway, especially since KD alienated his teammates for a similar story a few weeks ago. Pay attention to communications…

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