Kevin Durant’s $10M robbery shocks fans!


Main character of the saga of the summer, Kevin Durant seems ready to do anything to leave the Nets in the coming weeks. But before doing so, the Slim Reaper has just received an XXL sum that is setting social networks ablaze!

The start of the new NBA season will only take place in 10 weeks, which leaves enough time for this file to conclude with a departure. However, the soap opera Kevin Durant still seems far from knowing such a resolution. The few offers that have made it to the Nets’ desk so far have not satisfied them, which is ultimately no one’s business.

On the start, Kevin Durant entertained by the Nets

By not finding a buyer for KD, the leaders of Brooklyn may fear seeing their star snub the training camp, and deliberately miss the start of the season for his franchise. In the meantime, they have to pay him anyway, which they have already started to do… the day after his transfer request. In any case, this is what Marc Stein reported on Thursday:

League sources indicate that on July 1, Kevin Durant received an 8-figure check from the Nets. It’s one of two upfront payments the disgruntled superstar is set to receive from Brooklyn before Oct. 1, as she’s pushing executives to transfer him.

Scandalous? Not really, since the Nets have their share of responsibility in this affair.

Indeed, it is indeed the contract signed by KD last summer which allows the winger to be paid even before the start of the season, unlike most players. He will thus have pocketed half of the 42,969,845 dollars due to him this year before the end of the training camp. In other words, Durantula has already collected… 10.2 million, while demanding his departure. A paradox that did not fail to make Internet users react:

KD is having fun now 💀

This guy couldn’t be less likable

No sooner had he made his trade request than Kevin Durant inherited a nice check for $10 million from the Nets. A sum that will be doubled in October if ever Brooklyn does not find him a base by then!


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