Kevin Durant smashed in a comparison with… LeBron James

Long placed in direct opposition during the 2010s, LeBron James and Kevin Durant saw their destinies cross again this summer. A phenomenon that has earned the star of the Nets a big criticism recently, directly linked to the King!

After having both found themselves in trade rumors in recent weeks, each should finally continue their journey in their current franchise. Kevin Durant and LeBron James won’t have to pack their bags this summer for a variety of reasons. When one showed his confidence in his team by accepting a contract extension, the other saw his transfer request refused by his superiors.

Unlike LeBron, KD would indeed have liked a change of scenery during the offseason, and will have long been placed at the heart of a thrilling soap opera. Failing to receive sufficiently attractive offers for the Nets, he is therefore preparing to spend a new year there. According to some, however, he could have won his case by taking the example of his Lakers counterpart.

Kevin Durant blasted for not impersonating LeBron

Supposedly okay with giving the Brooklyn project a second chance, Durant could very well have left it behind following a career trajectory similar to that of LeBron. In remarks relayed in the columns of Heavya league executive believes that the Slim Reaper can only blame himself for his aborted departure, and that he would have done better to follow the example of LBJ:

The guy who miscalculated his move in this whole thing was Kevin Durant, because he accepted the Nets’ four-year contract offer last summer. He didn’t take inspiration from LeBron by taking a shorter deal. LeBron is betting on himself and his ability to maintain his high level, and that allows him to remain in a position of strength in relation to his team. And that, in all the teams where he passed.

Indeed, despite the risks that this could represent, LeBron has only signed short-term contracts in recent years. A bold choice from a financial point of view, but which did not prevent him from initialing a juicy extension a few days ago, as he approached his 38th birthday. This method also gives him great freedom of movement, unlike that prioritized by Durant:

You can put pressure on your managers when your contract is about to end, but it’s much harder to scare them when they’re sitting there in front of you, holding your signed four-year contract in their hands. .

KD will therefore have to wait a while longer if he still secretly hopes to pack his bags!

Greedy during the negotiation of his current contract, Kevin Durant would have done better to adopt a short-term approach, and thus leave the possibility of leaving the Nets in the event of failure with the franchise. However, is not LeBron who wants!

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