“Kevin Durant is becoming the new Halle Berry”


NBA Kevin Durant compared to Halle Berry

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The departure rumors do not do Kevin Durant any good, with observers falling on him at the slightest opportunity. An analyst notably surprised everyone recently, comparing the player from Brooklyn to… Halle Berry, movie star. And it’s not glorious for both!

A priori, Kevin Durant left to wear the colors of a fourth franchise in six years, starting in 2022-23. Having left OKC in 2016 to join the Warriors, the winger then fled the Bay towards the Nets, three years later. However, again three years after his signing in the New York megalopolis, here he is who has just asked his leaders for a transfer, dissatisfied with the collective results and the management of the case of Kyrie Irvinghis teammate and friend.

Incredibly strong on the field, the Slim Reaper is however much less unanimous outside, because of his mentality. That he goes from one franchise to another as soon as it suits him bothers more than one, and he has also been entitled to a host of incendiary criticism since his request for an exchange. Special mention to Emmanuel Acho, the ex-NFL player converted into an analyst who has woven a funny parallel with the movie star Halle Berry. The words are strong:

Durant as unfaithful as Halle Berry according to an analyst!

Kevin Durant really looks like Halle Berry. Halle Berry is superb. Halle Berry won the Academy Award for Best Actress during her career. Halle Berry is incredibly talented, but if you get into a relationship with Halle Berry, you know for a fact that it’s probably not going to last long. That doesn’t take away from Halle Berry’s appeal, or Kevin Durant’s.

This is not an accusation about Halle Berry’s talent. There are no accusations about the talent of Kevin Durant, who has two NBA Finals MVP titles. But you know what to rely on regarding Halle’s relationship history and that of Kevin Durant. If you get into a relationship with Halle, just like if you get into a relationship with Kevin Durant, it’s probably not going to last very long.

This is certainly not going to please the two concerned, in particular Berry who comes to take a gigantic stray bullet when she had absolutely nothing asked. Getting back to Durant, this issue of disloyalty is likely to follow him for the rest of his career. He is not simply traded by his leaders, he is the one who asks to be able to set sail. A trend that could well taint its legacy…

Emmanuel Acho has probably just won the prize for the most original comparison, by associating Kevin Durant with Halle Berry. A metaphor as gratuitous as cash on the Nets winger, who should make even more enemies in the event of departure.


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