Kevin Durant gives a first rant after the loss to the Bucks

Back in business with his Nets, Kevin Durant suffered the law of the reigning champions, particularly in form. In post-match conference, the Slim Reaper did not mince words to discuss the performance of his team.

Nets fans probably did not expect that, despite the heightened adversity facing their team on Tuesday. First in line for the Opening Night of this new season, Steve Nash’s men failed to take their revenge against their tormentors from the playoffs last year, the Bucks. Worse, they suffered a stinging defeat (104-127, summary here), with a score that could have even been more violent without Kevin Durant.

Insolent during the last postseason, the Brooklyn leader found the floor in the same arrangements he had left them. His 32 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists, 13/25 shooting, however, were not enough to overcome the defending champions. It must be said that it will not have been helped by James harden, particularly clumsy (20 points, 6/16 in the shoot).

Kevin Durant already warns the Nets

When discussing this heavy setback, KD could have called for calm, and reminded that this meeting was only a start for his franchise. He preferred to use a much more frank speech… and harsh for his teammates. Instead of looking for excuses, or asking for time for all this roster to find automatisms, he directly pointed out the defensive attitude of his people!

We can’t give a team 20 more shots than we do.

The results are crystal clear, and could not be more realistic. With only 84 shots taken, the New Yorkers could not hope to compete with their opponents, and their 105 shots attempted. But this is not the only flaw that Durant pointed out. The 2014 MVP also observed shortcomings offensively, and criticized his partners for not being aggressive enough.

When you have a lot of talent, sometimes you want to avoid bumps.

It was therefore not necessary to wait for only one game for Kevin Durant to be silly against the performances of the Nets. The Brooklyn frontman doesn’t want to get used to mediocrity, and has made it clear!

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