Kevin Durant embarks on a controversial business!

Monstrous on the floors, Kevin Durant is also a rather seasoned businessman. However, the last commercial partnership of the Nets player should raise eyebrows … since he is embarking on an activity that is not yet legal everywhere in the United States!

If he hits the NBA defenses night after night, Kevin Durant remains a polarizing figure off the pitch. Among the subjects of controversy, there is in particular the great passion of the player of Brooklyn for the weed. Recently, a journalist explained that the Slim Reaper was consuming an incredible amount of it. He had already expressed himself in favor of its legalization in the big league, a year and a half ago.

However, it seems that Durantula has decided to invest in this passion for the long term. Indeed, the winger recently announced that with Boardroom, media of which he is the co-founder, he had signed a partnership with the company Weedmaps, a sort of Yellow Pages for the distribution of cannabis on an international scale. The aim would be to improve the image of the substance in the world of sport in this way:

In the world of sports, it was sort of a secret thing that gamers used cannabis while actively playing. You hear more and more conversations about this in the league, and I always thought it was interesting that the rest of the world was a little slower to open up to cannabis and its use …

Athletes are still tested four times a year for cannabis. I felt like the world was starting to get closer to what people thought about cannabis use, and now it’s an open dialogue and it’s amazing to hear it. It was amazing working on the deal, but now that it’s signed, it’s exciting.

While a lot of people shouldn’t agree with his decision (he’s used to it), KD shouldn’t have the slightest concern about the NBA. Indeed, since 2020 it has decided to no longer test players for cannabis consumption, thus clearly positioning itself on the subject. Suffice to say that the institution will not prevent the double champion from carrying out his business … as long as it remains legal, of course.

Once again, Kevin Durant should not be unanimous with his investment in the world of weed. However, when we know the commercial success of the guy, we say to ourselves that it may well be the same to him!

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