Kevin Durant criticizes his NBA 2K23 rating and is taken down

Kevin Durant is phenomenal. And not just on the floors. Outside, the Brooklyn Nets player has the same exceptional ability to get criticism as he does to get baskets on the field. Unsurprisingly, his latest rant on Twitter about NBA 2K3 earned him some very acerbic responses.

We have known for years that NBA stars pay attention to the rating they receive for each edition of NBA 2K. Some are even particularly susceptible, as their ego seems affected in the event of a low note. And in terms of susceptibility and ego, Kevin Durant proved, especially on Twitter, that he was also one of the very best in the world.

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Logically, he did not appreciate receiving a 96 rating in NBA 2K23 and apostrophized Ronnie2K on Twitter:

« I’m going to need an explanation of why I’m not a 99? » It becomes laughable. »

Which earned him a very sarcastic response from 2K:

But it is above all the general public who gave him the most violent responses. In question his performance and that of the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs. Because if he remains one of the best players in the world, his end of the season on the collective level does not necessarily plead in favor of a 99. Anthology:

“A player at 99 wouldn’t have been swept away by Boston. I don’t think a 99 player has ever been swept before. WILL WIN A SATAN RING. »

“Bro, you got knocked out by Grant Williams in a playoff series and you got swept away. What world are you a 99 in? »

“Probably because Al Horford and Grant Williams locked you in 1v1 during the playoffs. »

At the same time, Kevin Durant must have known that he would attract this kind of remarks. Especially after that summer when he asked to leave, then the head of the coach he had brought in after asking for the head of the previous coach… Could it be that in fact he is simply the greatest troll that the NBA has known and is having fun with us?

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