Kevin Durant creates controversy with a tweet… about Giannis!

Eliminated from the title race, Kevin Durant therefore spends more time on the networks than on the courts. This Tuesday, he also ignited Twitter with a fairly uplifted message, in which he specifically mentions Giannis Antetokounmpo!

Terror on the pitch most of the time, Kevin Durant is perhaps even more so on social networks. Very active on the web, the leader of the Nets often tends to unpin when he unearths a point of view that does not suit him. This has been the case again in recent hours, and prompted him to drop a very ironic response involving… Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Kevin Durant quotes Giannis to dismantle a received idea

A few hours after being able chat with LeBron James on Twitter about an all-time debate, KD came across a message whose content did not really appeal to him. The subject ? The American basketball development system, criticized by former NBA player Dan Dickau. Just to make the latter understand that he was wrong, the Slim Reaper thus referred to the case of Giannis!

Dan Dickau: I’m sure some people won’t like it, but the American model of basketball is dysfunctional when it comes to the development of young players and the importance of rankings. The possible three best players in the world (Giannis, Jokic and Luka) certainly wouldn’t have given a damn about the rankings or maybe wouldn’t even have known there were any.

Kevin Durant: Giannis hasn’t improved his game more in the United States than across the Atlantic??

After having won over European players and caused the reaction of Evan Fournier, Durant therefore does it again with a new rant of the genre. Definitely, he wants to defend American-style training and its very particular mode of operation. For example, he placed himself as a big support for the AAU circuit, also very often attacked:

Freddie L. Barnes: But the overall AAU landscape is more harmful than good for youth development, especially when it comes to overuse that leads to injury.

Kevin Durant: I disagree man. I would say it does more good than harm.

Proud of his journey during adolescence and the basketball education he was able to receive there, Kevin Durant continues to defend body and soul the American development system. For him, it was the US coaches who, for example, did most of the work on Giannis!

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