Kevin Durant badly dilapidated, the Warriors involved!

Having caused a big controversy with his transfer request this summer, Kevin Durant must now live with his bitter failure, he who will continue to play in Brooklyn despite himself. Enough to earn the 2014 MVP a rather scathing statement from a journalist… and Golden State found itself embroiled in this story.

The Warriors’ coronation obviously delighted fans in the San Francisco Bay Area, but much of the NBA community cringed at the Californians’ triumph. There is of course the competition who would have hoped to be in their place, the haters of the franchise who would have liked them to collapse in the Finals against the Celtics… and probably also Kevin Durantwho must increasingly regret his departure in 2019 for the Nets.

Indeed, it was he who had then decided on his own to leave the Dubs, in order to form a superteam in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving. Except that between injuries and disappointing performances, the Blacks and Whites have not done better than a second round of the playoffs in three years, where Golden State ended up bouncing back after two years of transition. For analyst Colin Cowherd, seeing his former teammates at such a party must have been particularly painful:

Durant shot for his choice to leave the Warriors

I think the offseason has been very, very tough for KD. Because when you’re as good as he is and you’re going through a divorce and you’re getting some flak about it, and the other person starts smashing everything like the Warriors he played with before, he can’t go out the next night and drop 40 points in a game. He’s stuck in the offseason.

So I think it’s been a really dark, really, really tough offseason for Kevin Durant, who has a little destination addiction personality in him. And that’s good in itself, everyone is different, but never forget when he said « I want to leave ». It was after the Warriors win, and I think that’s tough. It’s hard enough to get divorced. It’s really hard when they hit and he doesn’t.

Indeed, it is difficult to deny the logic put forward by the journalist. KD wanted to quit Stephen Curry & co. because he had practically gone around the question on the spot, and his status was systematically questioned because of the local Big Three, firmly established long before he arrived from Oklahoma City. Except that in the end, he got stuck in a rather appalling sports slump in Brooklyn. Let’s hope for him that 2022-23 will be a game changer.

For Colin Cowherd, Kevin Durant had to go through a real ordeal because of the Warriors’ victory last June. Given the hordes of detractors at his disposal, we are sure to find some Dubs fans who have no problem with that!

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