Kevin Durant at the Warriors? Steph Curry drops a bomb on the subject!

A few weeks ago, Kevin Durant was an available player on the market, at least officially. The Celtics or the Sixers have had discussions with Brooklyn to find an agreement, without success. The Warriors have even been cited for a big comeback for a while, a version confirmed by Stephen Curry today. Better ? The leader was totally for it.

The season will resume in a few weeks for the NBA, with many favorites already. The Warriors will defend their property, while Jayson Tatum’s Celtics have revenge to take. In the East, we can even say that the contenders are numerous, with the Heat, the Sixers or the Nets, to name a few. The unknown is total for this team, despite the decision to Kevin Durantwho decided to stay a little longer in the Big Apple.

At the slightest defeat, at the slightest conflict with Steve Nash, we feel that this roster could explode into a thousand pieces. The first weeks will allow us to find out more, especially when the media will finally be able to question the various players on how the summer has gone. While waiting for the rest and the potential show, we continue to learn more about the negotiations, and we can thank Stephen Curry in person for that.

Steph Curry confirms the Warriors’ interest in KD!

In a recent interview with journalist Matt Sullivan for the Rolling Stone website, Curry reflected on the events of the summer. He confirms for the first time that the Warriors have indeed discussed bringing the superstar home. It’s unclear how far the franchise has pushed, but Baby Face was totally for that eventuality.

There were discussions internally about that yes, where we said to ourselves: “If Kevin Durant is really available, do we do it? All the teams had this conversation. But in our situation, it was clear that the leaders wanted to call me and ask me, “What do you think? I never hesitated about this. The idea of ​​playing with KD again, knowing who he is as a person, and seeing our background, I think he’s a great guy.

We don’t really know if the Dubs had a serious discussion with the Nets, but what is certain is that Curry has totally validated KD’s return to the San Francisco side. It obviously didn’t happen, but it’s interesting information to have and who knows, the star will be back on the market in a year. Here’s why Steph continues to praise his former teammate:

I think KD is misunderstood. Certain things have happened in his life, and the fact is that he has a hard time trusting certain people around him. So I completely understand him, especially since I had the chance to play with him and get to know him better. I love it.

The Warriors considered the return of Kevin Durant, with the full agreement of Stephen Curry. Proof that the leader wants to find his former teammate, even if it means sacrificing part of the current roster. Nothing is lost, since discussions could resume in the coming years.

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