Kevin Durant at the Celtics? The player who could ruin everything


Perceived for a time as the most serious in this case, the track leading Kevin Durant to the Celtics has not seen any major changes in recent days. In reality, a player little mentioned so far could be the cause of this impasse!

Led by submarine by Brad Stevens, the operation did end up being revealed in the US media a few weeks later. The Celtics would have tried to get their hands on THE big fish of the offseason, Kevin Durant, following his transfer request. A business for the time being inconclusive, but which remains possibly achievable in the coming weeks.

Indeed, the Slim Reaper would a priori like to join Boston, which he would have added to his list of favorite drop-off points in the event of the Nets leaving. He would even see himself well evolve alongside a specific and unexpected player in Massachusetts. However, for that, the C’s will first have to find common ground with their counterparts in Brooklyn, and it is not an easy mission at the moment T.

The player the Celtics won’t trade for Durant

At the start of discussions between the two franchises, the Nets would have made a mind-blowing request to the Celtics, obviously refused by them. Since then, neither side seems to want to make concessions to promote an exchange. This should not happen anytime soon on the side of Boston, according to the recent comments of Kurt Helin for NBC Sports :

Durant’s ultimatum to Nets owner Joe Tsai didn’t boost trade talks. On the contrary, it has rather made the conclusion of a deal less likely in the short term. Why would Boston improve its offer now? Rather, it is the Nets who have less leeway. For example, Brooklyn was trying to get Smart in the trade, but why would Boston consider that now?

It is indeed the Nets who now find themselves in a less comfortable situation than before, since their star has reiterated his desires elsewhere. Therefore, the C’s have every interest in being patient, while waiting for the leaders of Brooklyn to diminish their claim. A good way to retain the most important members of the Green Army, including Marcus Smart… and Robert Williams III:

That said, even without the presence of Smart (or Robert Williams III, who is reportedly unavailable according to NBC Sports sources), a Celtics offer that includes Jaylen Brown could still still be the best in the Nets’ eyes.

If Brooklyn therefore intended to abandon the pursuit of Smart, and obtain a consolation prize by attracting the promising young pivot, it was a failure!

Considered as a possible bargaining chip in Kevin Durant’s trade with the Celtics, Robert Williams III will obviously not be sold so easily by Boston. The Nets may therefore have to settle for little in this case!


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