Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s reactions to Harden’s injury

Despite the victory of the Nets, the fans are not very happy this Sunday after this Game 1 against the Bucks. James Harden is out injured, and he could miss several games. Kevin Durant, like Kyrie Irving, were quite touched.

Easy winner of Boston in the first round of the playoffs, Brooklyn returned to the courts this Saturday night to face the Bucks, one of the leaders of the Eastern Conference. A series that promises to be exciting, but which started with bad news: James Harden left the court on injury, after only one minute of play.

Difficult to find out more, but we should get some news during the day. Fans hold their breath, hoping it isn’t too bad, like Kevin Durant, very touched after the injury of his teammate.

Kevin Durant on James Harden’s injury: “This shit sucks. I want him to be on the floor, to take advantage of the moment… It’s just a bad time. « 

For now, you can expect Harden to miss a few games, at best. The Nets will in any case take their time, playoffs or not, because no one wants to play with the health of the star. But the most affected is good Kyrie Irving, which returned to the subject.

It’s never easy to lose a player, especially at this time of the season, when you want to have fun playing basketball. We are disappointed for him, and we will have to make adjustments. We will wait and see, but we will inevitably feel its absence.

The Nets are preparing to play without James Harden for several meetings, and it will be up to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to do the job. A disappointing start to the series for Brooklyn, who despite everything remains the favorite to finish in front.

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