Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have some talent

Traditionally Wednesday evening is often the scene of strange nights in the NBA, and, well, we were still treated in the last hours to a few funny scenes on the floors. Which ones? All you have to do is read the few lines below. There are stats, there are pictures and there are even some rhymes.



  • The Clippers were without Luke Kennard, Norman Powell, John Wall and Marcus Morris, but that’s no reason to lose in Orlando. In addition Markelle Fultz had done everything to make the Magic leave the Amway Center empty-handed, but unfortunately for… everyone, Paolo Banchero dropped a big overtime.
  • LeBron James and Anthony Davis were absent, so the Raptors blasted the Lakers and everyone got to join in the fun. Scottie Barnes took 17 rebounds and a guy ate 47 big dumplings at halftime. Both are records, obviously.
  • The Nets almost fell into the trap of the Hornets (lol) but remembered at the end of the game that it was useful to have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the same basketball team. Something like 70 points in total, Seth Curry which also brings, Brooklyn victory!
  • Trae Young wanted to air-condition Madison Square Garden again, but in the end it was Julius Randle who blew his mind.
  • Dejounte Murray has injured his ankle, one to watch.
  • The Bulls were able to count on their executives in the money time to get rid of the terrible (ptdr) Wizards.
  • Alex Caruso still has so many hair flow.
  • The Kings held, held, held against the Bucks, but after a while, against the Bucks, you know very well what always ends up happening, especially when Jrue Holiday scores as much as Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • The Wolves started very strong against the Pacers, then the Pacers came back very strong, and finally the Wolves finished better, with a Rudy Gobert who took 20 rebounds and who dunked at the buzzer, with an Anthony Edwards in the oven and at the mill ( 7 interceptions).
  • In the little game of “who is the young leader who wins”, it was Ja Morant who came out against Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Triple-double and victory for Ja, “small” game for SGA, and the Grizzlies are second in the West!
  • Killian Hayes was very useful again, but Zion Williamson blew the Pistons’ racket.
  • And the Pels are the new leaders of the Western Conference!
  • Incredible outcome between the Jazz and the Warriors. Half of the incumbents were missing but honestly who cares, it was CHAN-MÉ.
  • The East leader received the West leader (before this game). The Celtics lowered the futal of the Suns and spanked them very hard.

TTFL Top Pick: Julius Randle

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  • 1h30: Heat – Clippers
  • 2:30 am: Spurs – Rockets
  • 4 a.m.: Blazers – Nuggets

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