Kevin, a coach trained to welcome people with disabilities in his gym

Kevin is now trained to care for people with disabilities.
Kevin is now trained to care for people with disabilities. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

Along with Amélie, Kevin Biaggini is responsible for sports Hall of Neufchatel-en-Bray (Seine-Maritime). And at Kev’in Sport, the sense of hospitality is not an empty word. A welcome to all audiences!

For several months, Kevin followed a training course called CC AIPSH (Complementary Certificate: Support and Inclusion of People with Disabilities).

I was already offering what is called sports on prescription with the Neufchâtel medical office. My goal is to promote healthy sport to all audiences, and in particular to people for whom it can be good.

Kevin BiagginiOwner of the Kev’in Sport gym

“Make people feel comfortable”

With this in mind, Kevin therefore wished to follow this training, an exam at stake, which allows him to set up protocols with the users concerned and to better understand the pathologies from each other.

With people with disabilities, you can’t do just anything. Some can’t be stretched out, some can’t use the legs. You have to adapt on a case-by-case basis. But above all, here there is no prejudice and we want people to feel comfortable.

Kevin Biaggini

And to add: “We learn about the different disabilities and how to adapt. This is important for the choice of machines that I will offer and for the relationship”.

With certification in hand, Kevin can now take charge of people or groups of disabledas he did for a few weeks as part of his training with an establishment of Grugny. “There were five sessions, with Romain, an adapted physical activity educator”.

In his gym, and not bodybuilding, as he likes to point out, Kevin therefore wishes to open up the different disciplines to as many people as possible.

« A real interest in spending »

A philosophy that did not happen overnight since the places already welcome people whose health can be weakened. Like Damien, suffering from multiple sclerosis « It clears your head. Sport also allows me to use the cane less and less”.

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The virtues of sport no longer need to be proven. And that, Kevin is the first to be convinced.

Coming here can be a form of therapy, as some people just need to talk. For others, there is a real interest in exercising while being coached, in cases of obesity, diabetes… For confidence and self-esteem too, it’s a good activity. We sleep better, we eat better, we have less back pain… Finally, for those who take medication, this often helps to lower consumption.

Kevin Biaggini

And the guy is already thinking about other training in the future, in particular a certification aimed at managing sports sessions for pregnant women. But one thing at a time.

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