Kent Hughes worked (very) hard to acquire Kirby Dach

When Gary Bettman announced the deal sending Alexander Romanov to the New York Islanders for the 13th overall pick in the draft, fans in the stands at the Bell Center weren’t exactly happy.

Fortunately, moments later, the NHL commissioner announced that Kirby Dach was coming to Montreal. Fan reaction was much better after this announcement.

In the behind-the-scenes video of the draft on the Montreal Canadiens’ YouTube account, Hughes can be heard telling his colleagues, « They (the fans) didn’t like Romanov’s trade to the Islanders. I think they like Kirby, though. »

Yes, we love him Dach, but we should sign him soon…

When the deal was announced, Hughes rushed to his cell phone to welcome his new protege. He admitted to her that he had been working on this transaction non-stop for about 48 hours already.

It is clear that Dach was a player very coveted by the DG of the Canadian. I wonder how many other teams were on the case of the center player. Recall that Kyle Davidson, the GM of the Hawks, is in reconstruction or rather “demolition” mode, so he must have received a lot of calls.

It’s interesting to know this information, because on the morning of the draft, I don’t even think the Canadiens knew who he was going to draft. It’s clear that he had his own idea, but Juraj Slafkovsky met the team a second time the very morning of draft. Montreal surely wanted to confirm its choice, therefore, but it is clear that Hughes was working on several files at the same time. A chance that he was well surrounded.

To work on such an important transaction without yet knowing the identity of your club’s first overall choice is proof of great versatility. Yes, to be GM in the NHL, you have to be versatile, but Kent Hughes is not the most experienced in the field, we agree.

It is clear that he has worked hard on the file for a few weeks, that said.

But no, the Montreal boss pushed for his man and even though he had to offer a crowd favorite in Alexander Romanov, he didn’t hesitate. He even looked very confident, sitting at the table as Bettman told the crowd about the two deals.

For those who haven’t had the chance to watch the video, I strongly urge you to do so. We learn many things and we can really see the professionalism and seriousness of the members of the organization behind the scenes of this very important draft for the future of the organization.

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