Kenley Jansen chatted with the Marlins

Little is said about his case, but Kenley Jansen is a free agent. He’s had their ups and downs with the Dodgers during his most recent contract, but he’s quite a reliever, after all.

Will LA attempt to re-contract him? Without doubt, yes… but there are other clubs in the race.

Among these are the Miami Marlins. The formation of Derek Jeter would have had discussions to convince the reliever to move.

We do not know if this is officially happening on the part of DG Kim Ng, but it goes in particular through discussions via manager Don Mattingly.

What you should know is that this is not the first time that the pitcher has chatted with Miami. Five years ago, before resigning to Los Angeles, he had serious discussions with the Marlins.

He had chosen the Dodgers, but it is said that he seriously considered the Marlins. It’s unclear what tipped the scales, but it is rumored that Miami’s offer was competitive.

The Marlins’ chances might be better now. After all, Jansen already has his World Series ring, he will be ordering less money, and the Marlins are noticeably more serious in their efforts to acquire players than before.

After all, Avisail Garcia ($ 53m) signed in town and guys like Jacob Stallings and Joey Wendle were acquired. Other transactions could take place, in particular involving their starting pitchers.

The Marlins seem serious in their efforts. The three recent acquisitions fill three holes (field, third baseman and wide receiver) and winning looks to be big in 2022.

Will this serve to convince Kenley Jansen? We should know after the work stoppage since it does not seem in the process of signing today.

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