Kendall Jenner displays Devin Booker for her 25th birthday!

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner are a happy couple, and no longer hesitate to show it on social networks. The latter thus revealed some rather private images of the Suns scorer on the occasion of his birthday! This could make people talk!

Being notably a well-known top-model in the media, Kendall Jenner never hesitates to highlight herself stylistically, especially for certain special occasions. The model with some 200 million subscribers has of course released a disguise of choice for Halloween, the US personalities adoring to engage in a small competition for the best outfit. His was also quite « ole-ole », which did not fail to make Devin Booker react !

However, the young woman had another event to celebrate during the weekend, much more personal: the birthday of her young companion. The Suns full-back was indeed celebrating his 25th birthday on Saturday, October 30, and Kendall obviously raised the subject on social media. She posted several photos of her partner on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner shares pictures of Devin Booker

Happy birthday, my best friend ❤

What is interesting here is the nature of the photos. The clichés shared by Jenner seem relatively improvised, of the order of the private one. So these are not images intended for the general public, in theory. But whatever, she certainly wanted to show that their relationship is becoming untouchable. It must be said that the two lovers were the authors of another viral scene, quite recently.

In any case, this is proof that they no longer have any concerns about sharing moments of intimacy with the whole world, they who had been quite discreet about it for a while. This should necessarily please Booker on the field, he who comes in a certain way « in replacement » of Ben Simmons in the arms of the superstar. And given the odds of the tandem, we hope that the union will continue!

Not sure Devin Booker had been warned beforehand that these photos would be published, but he apparently has no problem with that. What is certain is that they seem totally fulfilled together!

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